Memories of Vernon's Great Yarmouth visits

Created by Owen on 12/02/2017
Vernon was one of my favourite cousins and a real gentleman. I have many happy memories of him from when I was a very young child and Vernon and his brother Michael came to stay at my mother's, their Aunt Stella. Both were very much older than me and although the Second World War had not long ended, some activities in Great Yarmouth were beginning to return to normal. On one visit they took me to my first ever trip to swimming pool and to some of the entertainment that was starting to return to the sea front. His last visit to Great Yarmouth was over 60 years later when I was able to return the favour and not only show him around the town and much of the local area including the house where my mother once lived, but also the house in the village of Belton where he, his mother and brother lived for part of WWII whilst his father was serving in the Royal Navy. Vernon really enjoyed this visit as this enable him to not only to visit some of his childhood haunts, but our trips out also enabled him to meet up again with many of his other cousins that in many cases he'd not seen for years. Many thanks Vernon for all the happy memories.